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The Work of Jean-Paul Setlak

The Artist:  Jean-Paul Setlak


Jean-Paul Setlak was born in Paris, France. He graduated from UCLA with a degree in Music, and later obtained a Master's in French Literature from Arizona State University. He has evolved a unique and powerfully emotional painting style through two decades of dedication to art and technique.
Jean-Paul, who is multi-lingual, is the founder and director of an International Foreign Language Institute, He is also a teacher of Meditation, Tantric Yoga, and Taoist Energy Arts. He is a poet (in French and English) and a musical composer. He is an experienced public speaker who is both articulate and inspiring

Painting is impulsive, intuitive, driven, for me.   I experience a powerful, overwhelming need to create a particular picture and I feel literally as if I were removing veils from already existing work.   What drives me is a feeling of unbounded joy.  In its absence, I must stop.  
Although I paint feminine figures, my primary desire is to express the soul essence of the model:  through the eyes, the mouth, and the gestures.  Plastic perfection is less important here than emotional power.   Some of the women I paint have tragedy in their eyes, others, joy or wisdom.
I deeply enjoy the interplay between the esthetic, the erotic and the mythic.   Every model represents an archetypal aspect of woman.   This is not an abstraction; it becomes a magical act.   I participate in expressing her soul.  Sometimes I use the figure of a model and modify her psychological content to create a totally new being.   She could be darker or lighter.   It truly feels like the birthing of a soul.
The sexual theme in my work is essentially archetypal.   I see, revere and celebrate the eternal Lover.  The social and psychological commentary is secondary.   The ecstasy of life, love and the body is the primary theme.   Yet, whether the impact of a painting is tragic, erotic, bittersweet, comical or shocking is of secondary importance.   The only consideration is expressing the absolute power and beauty of the female archetype.

Artist's Statement

A comment by Jean-Paul . . .
"My intent as I dream and paint these pieces is to bring the vibrations of Spiritual Freedom and Bliss into our planet.   I too am nourished and transformed as I paint and later, as I look at these paintings.  Each one can lead to an amazing journey of Beauty and Transcendence.
I use them as meditation portals, as sacred initiation objects.  They allow me to reach purer and higher states of meditation in my practice.   I hope that they serve you similarly, bringing greater vibrations of Peace, Joy and Spiritual Power into your environments and your Life."

Jean-Paul Setlak

November 2004




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